Wall tiles present more options and diversity than any other wall covering. The Renaissance collection, with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colours is the definitive selection of wall tiles.
Let your imagination lead the way and use our wide selection of wall tiles to create an effect that is personal and specific to your design needs.

Stand Out!

Give your walls some personality with our wide range of colourful wall tiles. Go for something bright from our Maine collection which will be sure to stand out and make a statement, as will the colours from our Samara collection and Ludlow.
If you want to create a more calm, relaxing space but still want to introduce colour our Martinique collection would be perfect to create this tranquil space.

Flawless Features

Create feature walls within your home to make the perfect style statement. Wall tiles can be used to add a focal point in any room.
Use patterned tiles such as Cornubia to create a statement finish, hexagon tiles to add variation with shape, our Blenheim collection would be perfect for this, brick tiles in different layouts for an impactful finish, or include some texture and use the natural colours from our Linwood collection to give a 3d stand out finish.

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