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Renaissance ceramic wall tiles allow you to cover any interior wall space with a finish that is durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean. The variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colours enables you to create an effect that is personal and specific to your design needs. You will not find such diversity in any other wall covering. Combine any of the main field tiles with decoration made from a wide variety of materials including natural stone, metal and glass.

The gallery below takes you through a selection of the latest and most popular ranges. Click on the small images below

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Daino Crema

A natural aggregate stone marble effect on a rectified large format wall tile with a luxury gloss finish.

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Home Basic
Travertine Stone
Agora Carrara
Slaty Almond
Instone Bone
Fusion Amber
WeeKend Struttura
Sun Stone
Storm 10
Desert Dune
Sahara Beige
Artwood with Bohemia
Old Amsterdam (sets of 4)
Living Stone
Applestone Deluxe
Alhambra Mix (sets of 6)
Cadiz (sets of 5)
Natural Stone
Burgundy Stone
Moravia with Bohemia
Travertine Classico
Naturalmenthe Marmi
Crema Parador
Pearlstone Blend
Daino Crema
Le Cave
Nuvole  Poppies
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